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ROCKFORT SECURITY (a new romantic suspense series)

This emotion-charged romantic suspense series coming from Sourcebooks focuses on the men of the Rockfort Security Agency, located in Rockville, Maryland, outside Washington, D.C., and the women who come to love them. Each hero will star in his own story and appear in the other books so that readers will meet him and follow his life with the woman who completes him. In each story the hero of the next book will play a strong secondary role, so that the reader is drawn into the Rockfort community.

All the Rockfort agents are strong, sexy alpha males, formerly in the military or the police. Each is fighting emotional wounds that only a loving relationship can heal. Each story focuses on how these men learn to let down their guard with a woman who comes to mean more to them than they thought possible.

The agents are:

  • Jack Brandt, former Navy Seal
  • Shane Gallagher, former Army Security Service
  • Max Lyon, former police detective

Each book will capitalize on the special talents and background of the hero.

Back story: Before the formation of Rockfort Security, all three men were at loose ends and on vacation in Miami. They separately went to a popular nightclub where a gang fight broke out. Police herded everyone into paddy wagons, then into a jail holding pen already populated with dangerous men. Jack, Max and Shane kept order in the cell.

In the morning, when Max’s lawyer friend got them out, they went to a bar together. As they talked, they found they had a lot in common. When Shane proposed that they find a way to work together, they decided to open a detective agency in Rockville, Maryland, close to D.C. but not in the high-rent district.

The Rockfort Security series begins with BAD NIGHTS when psychologist Morgan Rains hears something in the woods outside her rural Virginia vacation home. When she investigates, she finds a naked man, disoriented and covered with burns and bruises.

He’s Jack Brandt, and the moment Morgan takes him in, she’s in trouble. Jack’s on the run from a local militia organization he infiltrated, and Morgan’s got no choice but to go along with him. As they scramble to save their own lives, the heat builds between them. But is either of them ready for a relationship?