Rebecca at Home

I’m lucky to work at home where I have plenty of time for fun stuff in addition to writing.
  Here’s a peek into my world.

I bought some beautiful saris in India.  I wore the one below to lunch when my writing pals took me out for my birthday and also to the Baltimore Symphony.  And I’ve found a couple of stores in Langley Park, Maryland, where I can buy more.


I can’t believe I took so long to paint the fireplace white.
  I love the way the paint emphasizes the clean lines and blends the fireplace into the bookshelves.  And the hanging and pillows from India work really well in the room.

Craft projects like the cat tree ornaments below, that I made out of painted cardboard, are another creative outlet for me.

Flowers make me happy.  Like the orchids in my sunroom.  Of course, cats love getting on the table, too.  This one’s Harriet.  Called Harry.

The bench at right is made from an old kitchen cabinet. I put a base coat on the wood, then painted the fanciful cats and used cat “pot feet” for legs. Mice are hiding on the left (hidden) side of the chest. The beautiful cat sitting on the bench is Ozzie.

I make time for cooking and designing recipes. When my critique group comes over, they’re as likely to be asked to comment on a recipe as a chapter of a novel.

Some of My Favorite Recipes


Azaleas in bloom.

Fish in my pond

Here’s my Garden

Over the years, I’ve collected rocks from around the world, which I put into the dry creek in my front yard.

Spring planting.