About Ruth – A World of Subjects

So who is Ruth, and what’s she doing here?  She’s Rebecca York’s alter ego.

Ruth began her career when her children were preschoolers. Her first sales were newspaper articles for her local paper. She remembers that her first 2,000-word article took twenty-five hours to write, and she was paid $10. But she says she was earning a little while she was learning.

After she began designing dollhouse furniture, she wrote DOLLHOUSE FURNITURE YOU CAN MAKE with Nancy Baggett. She and Nancy then wrote DOLLHOUSE LAMPS AND CHANDELIERS, and Ruth wrote DOLLHOUSE KITCHEN AND DINING ROOM ACCESSORIES. At the same time, Ruth was trying her hand at fiction. Her first novel was a juvenile science-fiction novel called INVASION OF THE BLUE LIGHTS, which she wrote while taking a writing seminar at Howard Community College. In 2011 INVASION OF THE BLUE LIGHTS was optioned for a major motion picture by Peter Fuhrman of Stairway Media.  She began writing romances in the early eighties but quickly found that she wanted to write stories with an exciting plot as well as a sensual romance. So she switched to romantic thrillers–and then began adding paranormal elements to her plots.

Some of her early newspaper articles were about food and recipes–which led to the publication of her first cookbook, DON’T TELL ‘EM IT’S GOOD FOR ‘EM, written with Nancy Baggett and Gloria Kaufer Greene. Over the years, she has written 15 cookbooks, many with Nancy Baggett and most for special diets.

Ruth loves cooking and designing recipes. When her critique group comes over, they’re as likely to be asked to comment on a recipe as a chapter of a novel. Her nesting instincts led directly to many of her leisure-time activities. Her creativity is a big factor in her garden design and craft projects.

This is a bench made from an old kitchen cabinet. Ruth put a base coat on the cabinet, then painted the fanciful cats and used cat “pot feet” for legs. Mice are hiding on the left (hidden) side of the chest. The beautiful cat sitting on the bench is Ozzie.


And this is Ruth’s garden.


Over the years, she’s collected rocks from around the world, which she puts into the dry creek in her front yard.

  Ruth’s Famous Recipes