The 2 Day a Week Diet Cookbook–published in 2014 as an e-cookbook, by Nancy Baggett and Ruth Glick. 75 tempting, easy low-cal recipes, all of which are gluten free or have gluten free alternatives, and 50 enticing color photos. 

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Ruth is the author or co-author of sixteen cookbooks. Her first cookbook, DON’T TELL ‘EM IT’S GOOD FOR ‘EM (ISBN: 0812910990, Times Books,1984), written with Nancy Baggett and Gloria Kaufer Greene, was a Tastemaker Award finalist in the Nutrition category. Her best-selling cookbook, THE DIABETES SNACK MUNCH NIBBLE NOSH BOOK, 3RD EDITION (ISBN: 1580402615, American Diabetes Association, 2006) won the Bronze Award of the National Health Information Resource Center for 1999. FABULOUS LO-CARB CUISINE(ISBN: 0970629303, Light Street Press, 2001) was a finalist for the Excellence in Independent Publishing Award of the Mid Atlantic Publishers Association in 2001.

Ruth admits that her first culinary adventure was a spectacular failure. At the age of three, she made a cake out of modeling clay and talked a friend into sharing it with her, even though it tasted awful. They were both sick for a week.

The early misadventure failed to dampen her culinary enthusiasm. By the age of eight she had mastered the skill of doctoring canned soup with herbs and spices. Then she got serious in the kitchen when her mother went to graduate school, and she was given the assignment of getting the family’s dinner on the table several nights a week.

When she married, she dazzled her new husband by making 40 different main dishes before repeating herself. The only failure was deviled crab. Because she had no cayenne pepper, she tried to compensate by using double the amount of black pepper. Her husband ate it anyway.

Ruth’s skill in combining delicious recipes with an innovative, health-conscious approach to cooking is showcased in 100% PLEASURE (ISBN: 0875963684, Rodale Press, 1996), written with Nancy Baggett. With almost 150,000 copies in print, it was named as one of the 12 best cookbooks of 1994 by USA Today.

SKINNY SOUPS (ISBN: 1572840048, Surrey Books, 1997), also written with Nancy Baggett, is a best-seller for Surrey.

Ruth is the former food editor of the Columbia Flier and was a health/nutrition columnist for Essence Magazine for four years. Her recipes have appeared in Family Circle, Mademoiselle, Weight Watchers, Shape, Essence Magazine, The Washington Post, and The Baltimore Sun.

Ruth has done numerous TV/radio interviews and cooking demonstrations and is profiled in Contemporary Authors, Who’s Who of American Women, and Who’s Who in America. She holds a B. A. in American Thought and Civilization from The George Washington University and an M. A. in American Studies from The University of Maryland.

Some of Ruth’s most recent cookbooks include:

ONE POT MEALS FOR PEOPLE WITH DIABETES (with Nancy Baggett) (ISBN: 1580402631, American Diabetes Association, 2007).

Experienced cookbook authors Glick (The Diabetes Snack) and Baggett (Eat Your Vegetables) have again joined forces to provide some culinary assistance to people with diabetes. The strength of these recipes is that they are varied enough to please almost every palate, as the authors have a good knowledge of herbs and spices and use it creatively here. Instructions are clearly presented for preparing many main dishes, such as soups, salads and hot dishes that feature meat, fish and poultry. Vegetarian choices include Tamale Pie, Broccoli Cheese Omelet and Macaroni Lasagna, and they all fall within the current American Diabetes Association recommendations; while the recipes are not all fat free, the authors have limited the amounts of animal fat. Each recipe lists the nutritional exchanges as well as the calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, protein and carbohydrates contained in that particular dish. The “one pot” in the title may define dishes that can be cooked in a microwave, crock pot, skillet or oven. Although Glick and Baggett include a chapter on “Super-Quick Dinners,” in some cases a cook would have to move pretty quickly to prepare the recipe in the time allotted. Otherwise, this is a useful and appetizing collection.
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THE DIABETES SNACK MUNCH NIBBLE NOSH BOOK (ISBN: 1580402615, American Diabetes Association, 2006). The third edition of this American Diabetes Association best-seller offers 175 easy-to-prepare and healthy recipes with complete nutrition facts, preparation times, and easy-to-follow instructions. Each recipe is low in fat, saturated fat, and sodium.

SNACK ATTACK! (ISBN: 1580402283, American Diabetes Association, 2006). The problem with snacks which are good for you is that they seldom taste as good as those that are not so good for you, and are usually more time-consuming to prepare. That’s why SNACK ATTACK! helps on so many levels: it offers speedy tasty snacks for adults and kids alike, pairing recipes with nutritional analysis for quick choices. From pumpkin pie-spiced Hawaiian Meatballs to Bean and Pasta Soup with Sausage, dishes have been modified for healthy results and offer plenty of easy alternatives to less desirable foods. Recommended both for health libraries and diabetics.
–Midwest Book Review

FABULOUS LO-CARB CUISINE (ISBN: 0970629303, Light Street Press, 2001).
A cookbook with over 100 kitchen-tested low-carbohydrate recipes, each with a nutritional analysis. In Fabulous Lo-Carb Cuisine, Ruth Glick presents a culinary wealth of more than a hundred easy to prepare recipes ideal for anyone seeking delicious, nutritious meals that are low in carbohydrates. From Hot Artichoke and Spinach Dip; Broccoli-Cauliflower-Pecan Salad; Asian Steak; and Italian Chicken with Peppers and Onions; to Philly Cheese Steak; Mexican Stuffed Peppers; Almond Coconut Candy; and Hazelnut Truffles, Fabulous Lo-Carb Cuisine offers a diversity of dishes that would grace any meal and satisfy any appetite.
–Midwest Book Review


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Skinny One Pot Meals, 2nd Edition
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Skinny Italian
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Prevention’s Healthy One-Dish Meals in Minutes
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Your Family Will Love It! Quick and Healthy Weekday Meals for the Hard-to-Please
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Oat Bran Baking
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Soup’s On
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Eat Your Vegetables!
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